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1017 HL Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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About us

NTM Group is a human-centric integrated group that is focusing on innovation and excellence.

The group was founded in 2013 in Asia by three dynamic entrepreneurs, Neal Robert, Thibault Verdier and Marc Rollet. The founders, driven by a very strong creative desire, created their group at 23 years old with the ambition of being an integral part of the fast and powerful development of this region of the world.

After a presence of nearly 10 years in Asia and in alignment with the funders wishes to contribute to the tremendous European fourth industrial revolution, the group's activity is deployed in Europe in 2020.

The group is present in various sectors in the fields of marketing as well as human and sustainable development. NTM Group is resolutely turned towards the future and is investing in rising and very dynamic sectors in Europe.

NTM Group aims to become an essential leader in each sector where the group is present and contribute to the emergence of the new generation of leading companies on the regional and international scene. The group is also aware of its strong social and environmental impact, which has led to the development of policies allowing a constant increase in the living standards of its employees as well as even greater respect for the environment.

Our portfolio

  • Bem.builders Logo
    Brand Experience in the Metaverse


  • Launch of Synapse Original
    Integrated Marketing Agency in Myanmar
    > Visit synapseoriginal.com
  • Launch of Myanpwel.com
    Event ticketing platform in Myanmar
    > Visit facebook.com/myanpwel
  • Launch of Loka Myanmar
    Media & Content Production
    > Visit facebook.com/lokamyanmar
  • Launch of Copperbrains.io
    Technology & Marketing Solutions
    > Visit facebook.com/copperbrains.io
  • Launch of Peach Marketing
    Digital & Marketing Agency led by women only
    > Visit peach.marketing
  • End of the NTM Group's equity investments in Myanmar activities
    End of the NTM Group participation in Synapse Original, Peach Marketing, Copperbrains.io, Myanpwel.com and Loka Myanmar.
  • Equity investments in Bem.builders
    Brand Experience in the Metaverse
    > Visit bem.builders